... from a grandma to her grandson

Liliane Marengo joined Tardy’s Parisian warehouse in le Marais in the mid-1960S.

Passionate about eyewear creation, she will stay there for 35 years. From the 1980s, the French eyewear industry was gradually challenged by low-cost Asian factories offering frames that were often half the price. Refusing to outsource its production, Tardy closed its doors in the 1990s. Liliane reluctantly retired, kept part of the stock and kept hundreds of anecdotes in memory.


Very close to Liliane, her grandson Bruno is lulled by her optical stories. In 2019, he decided to relaunch Tardy in order to offer models inspired by his grandmother and his world. The spirit of Tardy is like Liliane: independent, elegant and fiercely joyful.

The “La Moderne” collection is a tribute to the way Liliane loved holidays: with the family and in Italy, wearing Tardy Glasses and in joy.

The Story of a transmission...